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Avatar photoBrad Gies

Well, welcome to Canada…uh.. the USA… uh.. China! I guess it just proves that landlords everywhere are the same :). Unfortunately, here the options for court are probably not worth your time.

I think it’s pretty common here for the landlord to keep any deposit you give. I’m a rookie as far as living in China, but I live with my Chinese girlfriend, and when I moved in with her, she was upset because the landlord charged her another 1,200 RMB deposit because a foreigner would be living here. I told her, well.. it’s not the much and we will get it back. Her reply was that I don’t understand. In China, you never get the deposit back :).

So… I hope the deposit is not too much. My girlfriend says the only thing you can do is negotiate as small a deposit as possible, using the argument you know it won’t be returned, when you initially rent the apartment. Once the landlord has it, they aren’t going to give it back.