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@Adam West.. Sigh!!! When someone introduces themselves as ‘Legendary,’ WTF you suppose to think? I was with a bud, we both talked about it, i told him my guesses on WHY he called himself legendary. Hence the Steele part! Now my question to you is, Mr Psychologist, is WTF was i suppose to think? Sure i may have a few screws loose, who doesnt, but if you introduced yourself in a few sec of intro of ‘Legendary,’ then hey, who knows, i may consider you a Navy Seal, or an Astronaunt, whateva, but without explaining oneself, i can guess what ever i want!

All my posts ‘REEKS’ of my personality. I write shit on the net as i talk to people in their face. If they dont like it, i can a few words to piss one off (and i would say it in someone’s face) or laugh it off. Mostly i would try to piss someone off, i love to Choke people out!! (My bud is lurking and will laugh when he reads this last part 😉

THe food is good, leave it at that.