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Bad rep? Quite the opposite. Infact i mentioned the ‘women’ stuff when he said legendary, he did not answer what he meant by it. Minus the lexington steel part. And i was with my brit bud there, we were both wondering what he meant. Julien also mentioned the badminton club, so it was not a hostile/bad situation. And it wasn’t a secret hush hush thing, then that would be different. Since it opened 3 hours earlier, it only adds to their favor! Bad rep is the Shamrock, attack me on that but F that place.

We talked for a few minutes, introduced ourselves and what we did. He said i can promote bjj at his place if there was an incentive, so its mutual. But what would you think if someone called himself/herself legendary (around here)? This only adds to his aura. If he is great buds with Charlie, then he is legendary status that provides a pub (great selection of drinks.. And i saw Jameson!) and wonder fresh cooked food items. Regardless, he has a great pizza.