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Avatar photoCharlie
HOLY CRAP CHARLIE!! I would DIE if i met those dudes! Garcia is in NYC, if i didnt come to chengdu, i would def be training with him. Bernardo Faria is a beast, f’in monster. Nemo is up there in skills as well, i expect him to dominate, he has the body type to destroy dudes!

Everyone has been incredibly nice. I was at Marcelo’s gym in Manhattan just watching and he approached me and introduced himself. Really nice guy. The same deal with Phil, he took us to a local restaurant in Philly and we just rapped about jiu jitsu over hamburgers. I interviewed both of them on camera about their jiu jitsu careers, also.

Bernardo looks like an absolute beast, I saw some youtube clips after running into him. Him and his crew (two other people competing this weekend) were walking around the grocery store looking like hit men. Nemo pointed him out.