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Avatar photoCharlie
The total cost for all those was about 1500 RMB, give or take 1-200 rmb. The pull up station is well worth it.

That’s a nice setup you have. Benches are pretty cheap if you ever want to do that, I got one at Decathlon for 600 kuai last year. Decathlon is a great place to buy a lot of this stuff. Taobao is probably cheaper but a lot of the stuff at Decathlon is high quality and reasonably priced.

I also wanted a rowing machine, but i was not able to… Damn, need cardio too.

Jumping rope is great. Inexpensive and doesn’t require much room. It’s best if you can get to a rooftop or outside though.

So did you find out the hours for QSL?

I did, QSL is open from 10am-10pm Monday – Saturday and closed on Sundays.