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Avatar photobaoluo

Pretty much any gym will sort of rip you off for the short term. It’s almost always some scheme like 180rmb for a week, 400RMB for one month, 800 for six and 1200 for a year.

Your best bet is to find one a nice hole in the wall full of swole elderly Chinese guys or get one of the big gyms while they have a promotion going on. I haven’t found one in Chengdu yet, but I found a great gym in Qingdao when I lived there that was like 80RMB a month and had Soviet era weights but was really well maintained and fun to go to.

Again I only know Megafit since I go there, but there were a few months last year where they had a 110-ish/month promotion which isn’t too bad. I think most of the big gyms do this every now and again.