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Confession time: I used to make ATM’s in Beijing between 1999 and 2003. I’ve also probably had every type of experience one can have with these as Chinese banks learned(?) how to use them. The book is forming in my head…..

But imagine the concept of a labour saving device intruding on the lives of some of the biggest employers in China. Right from the start everything was over-complicated and only got worse. Why simplify anything when people can easily wait, or employ someone to do that for you while you go on vacation…? I really do sympathise…. Ohhhh – you think being a customer helps????

I also recall trying to use my BOC card in Kunming – no joy – my branch of BOC was in Beijing of course!!!

However the best trick which got me a few times in those days was the external glass shutter which closed off the entire front panel of the machine – you needed to use the bank card to open the shutter first, then put it in another slot to start your transaction….. But if you are too slow deciphering the cash withdrawal procedure, that external screen comes down and locks you out……. No money, -20 Centigrade, your driver has gone home, miles from anywhere in a foreign city…..that is my definition of stress…!!!! 😀 Eventually I found out that any magnetic card would open these damned shutters, but the first time is forever imprinted on my memory…