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Avatar photoCharlie

I’ve been to both Mandarin Club and Chinese Corner and I preferred Mandarin Club. They’re also located in a great part of the city so you can live comfortably and get to your classes easily, as opposed to being way out in the West which isn’t bad but also probably isn’t ideal for a foreigner in Chengdu.

If you have the self-discipline for it, I would go for private study at Mandarin Club since they can completely tailor the training for your existing skills. If you go to university you might get stuck in the cracks between high or lower level students that drag the classes in one direction or another. The thing about studying at a university here is that classes begin in the early morning and in general it’s rigorously structured. Some people need that kind of kick in the pants to keep it in gear otherwise they’ll fall off track. If that doesn’t sound like you, I’d give Mandarin Club a shot. Talk to Cecilia.