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Yea see ya sunday.

MMA is very small here in China and will it grow big? Not sure, in the US it is big, but due to the UFC and other martial arts (BJJ, wrestling boxing gyms ect ect). Yet the people who runs these gyms/schools are private entities, with no backing from the US govt. UFC almost folded if it werent for the Bonner/Griffin fight… Also Pride folded too (private/backroom deals that fucked them over).

As for China, in order for something to be ‘famous’ or become popular is the backing from the Chinese gov’t. I do not see MMA becoming too big here. Even if MMA becomes big, private MMA gyms don’t do quite well in earnings and in attendance. Been in this game for too long to know how gyms work and operate. Which is why BJJ is a good. The biggest gyms in the world is BJJ based (Renzo Gracie in NYC).

Will MMA in CD become huge? Not for a few years. For every MMA fighter there has to be a ‘base.’ Im leading the BJJ base here and Moko is going to create a team with a Muah Thai base (and hopefully me being lead BJJ instructor/MMA coach).

These are my feelings for MMA. Infact, MMA is kinda declining now. Not as popular as a few years ago. Just not enough money in it and recycling of fighters…