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@JerryS fascinating stuff. Chinese sports are very corrupt in general, so it doesn’t surprise me that trainers are paid low wages, asked to do shady things, and eventually are “forced” to leave. I also remember very clearly in Hohhot, that the RUFF people were at Shangri-la (along with the HK trainers/fighters) while the Chinese fighters were all in a three star Chinese hotel. I waited with the fighters – including champs – post-fight for an hour till a bus came to get us and take us back. Bus for every1 else had left long ago.

At the same time, i was very impressed with the RUFF organization and their overall clarity of purpose. The Chinese side, as can be read out of the Global Times article linked above, is much more complicated.

Money is a big issue, as always, and is probably the #1 factor for the decline of kungfu. And MMA, according to what you are talking about, faces the same issue.

I heard though, that the MMA fighters in Xi’an were paid to train. They said sponsored by the Wushu Association – but GT article says Sports Admin … i wonder what is really going on.