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Gotta love pesticides!! I tend not to use too much in the way of supplements, opting to take in a good amount of clean food instead. I do take whey isolates, but not in large amounts, and always with a good greens powder, psyllium, and essential oils.

It should have been fairly easy to identify poor whey, it tends to have a denser consistency, and will most definitely contain lactose, which will bloat you at the same time as causing congestion. I’ve heard all the stories of Chinese manufacturers shipping product with fake essay certification, so finding a good source is paramount. It might be worthwhile finding an Australian or NZ (preferable, as the dairy industry uses no hormones) whey source. I’ve lived in both countries for short periods, and finding good producers of product was not difficult.

Are none of the big US brands like BSN, Muscle Tech, Gaspari, or Optimum Nutrition available in China? GNC would be good, but I wonder what they would be charging for tubs of whey!?

I’ll keep you posted on what I find.