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@ Federico Rossi: Why do you have to lie? You have never set foot in my restaurant. There are only 4 tables here and I see every customer personally, as well as make every pizza myself. If you had actually walked through my door you would know that. And there has not been a single customer who has EVER left 3/4 of their pizza on the table. If you like Pizza Mandolino that’s fine, I like it too. You are absolutely correct in saying that Italian Pizza is different from American Pizza, and I am proud to say that my pizza is definitely an American style. But that’s no reason to lie about having actually eaten in my restaurant.

@ Charlie: Thanks a lot for your kind words and support. On a side note, my wife is always very impressed with your comments on Weibo. Yeah, we just opened a new (real) location on Tongzilin Nan Lu under Singapore Garden, if you have time I’d love to see you here.

@ Stefan: FYI, I updated the prices on the website a month ago, but I gave a bit of a grace period for my regular customers, like you, and didn’t charge the new prices until now. I figured within 3 weeks people would have a chance to check out the website, but all the same, sorry for the sticker shock. In the two years since I’ve been open prices have been on a continuous uphill climb and until now I have just tried to find ways to deal with it myself, but now that I am paying real retail rent, which in Chengdu is ridiculously expensive, and am properly registering (taxes), my prices have to reflect that. Still, I have made sure that I am lower than my competition, which is still somewhat unfair since pretty much all my ingredients are imported and more expensive.