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Roommates just got an oven and I like to cook but only find time on the weekends. Like Charlie said, the protein in sichuan dishes is laced with exorbitant amounts of salt and spicy oil which really compromises the nutritional quality.

I’m also trying to eat less carbs late in the day, a bowl of noodles or fried rice at 8 at night is just going to go right to your gut. Recently I’ve been eating a couple cold dishes for dinner, 1 tofu 2 veggies I’m not a body builder but I run 10k races in the states and try to run 20-22 laps around the Chuan Da track 2-3 times a week (when the air isn’t too bad)

Every day I argue with my co-workers who want to eat za jiang mian or dao xiao mian which essentially has no nutritional value aside from providing over 100% of your daily saturated fat and sodium seeing that the ingredients are minced pork (mostly fat) chili oil and a few pieces of pao cai.

How come my Sichuan buddies aren’t getting Vitamin A deficiency or becoming morbidly obese?