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This is also my first full winter in 3 years. My roommate went back to Barcelona so I swiped his plug in heater/radiator which doesn’t crank very well and I only use it for bed now, but I might start dragging it behind me me like one of those prison ball in chains. My windows are so drafty that I almost need to wear a hoodie and a jacket at all times.

I remember seeing the electric bill for last winter and there was a huge wintertime spike. Soon we will probably be at each other’s throats as to who’s using their heaters more when it comes to pay the bills.

Oh, and drinking hot water/ tea all day is crucial.

Ray, haha I almost typed TigerKuma, I’d go with a higher estimate. I remember way back in my student days the exchange kids had that thing refridgerator thing cranked full blast all day everyday and the bill was in like the in the hundreds of USD… But that could have also been the USAC program jacking the prices, like the way they charged me $250 for a room with a “private bath” when in the information package I was like, oh snap a shared apartment toilet in china? i better get me a private one.