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Avatar photoRick in China

I think I’m actually down for this. Should be off bail soon, may as well get drunk as a m’fer in public while I’m stuck here 😀

BTW, RE: “walking between areas”, I used to play a different game with a specific ex – we’d walk, and each red light we’d play rock paper scissors, we’d turn left if she won, right if I won, and go straight if we tied – each WoWo we passed I’d drink a beer, and had to finish it before the next wowo. In the south there’s a *lot* of wowo’s, and we’d often end up walking a really really f’ing long way before going back. There are options to just “pub” crawls and you can toss in wowo or 7-11 or whatever as roady-stops if you want to make it a walk, because taking cabs at night is just a buzz-kill stopping and waiting around trying to organize multiple cabs for a large group and wait for other cabs to arrive before continuing……ROADIES save the night imo!