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Avatar photoBrendan

This definitely looked and felt like a freak occurrence to me as I witnessed it. The city was filled with confused/amused onlookers seeking shelter from the heavy downpour. I managed to fall on my arse, and float for a few seconds in the depth of water that had accumulated in just 2 hours.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a city so unprepared though. Drainage was definitely overloaded almost immediately, and many buildings downtown were taking on water, including some high end stores. A city’s development can well be judged by it’s ability to handle extreme weather conditions, and Chengdu clearly needs to focus more serious attention to this, or face some considerable financial losses in the future.

Seriousness aside, it was good fun walking home in shorts and t-shirt in the rain though. I’ve experienced some heavy rains elsewhere, but none as heavy as this day.