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I’m a Chihuo-totally!I’d love to join you guys on 3th april! You mentioned you don’t have much interest on hot-pot,how about Chuanchuan,haha…=__,= many Chuanchuan fly restaurants in chengdu…Anybody likes sweets?

Mi’s Taiwan Sian-chau tea,momoko cafe,3coffee,uid-coffee,peekaboo cat coffee,lost in Taipei….Can’t refuse desserts….

@Ye Ming,

Dongbei food includes manliness while southern food seems more delicate,though Sichuanese is the hot-n-spicy delicate one… There’s a nice Dongbei food restaurant in Guanghuacun area,Qingyang Dist.,named Liu ji ye sheng da yu fang.It serves good fish from Heilongjiang,Wusulijiang and Yalvjiang.With northern local kitchen stoves,you can served with hand-made corn pancakes.Do not forget to ask for extra Dongbei pickled cabbage.And tofu makes the soup tasty.(:

Most of your suggestions are related to foreign-owned ones….Maybe chengdued ones are really not as familiar as the Spot or similar to you.And The Livingroom, is similar to the spot.