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Avatar photoCharlie
I don’t get your connection with the local police and the visa. Now the PSB is another story. I know the PSB well. But local police???

PSB is the local police!

When a foreigner first comes to China they are told to register with the police. Like neighborhood police. If you live there. Nobody I know ever did it. They still do not.

It’s required by law, and they will check it when you apply to renew your visa or apply for a new one. You bring your rental contract to the PSB and tell them where you live along with a photocopy of your passport and they give you a stamped document that you give to whomever is processing your visa.

I mean, Guangzhou was the original point of entry/trade for foreigners before Hong Kong existed.

Interesting that you mention the history of Hong Kong as a point of entry into China, because it was first visited and colonized by Portugese in 1513, exactly 500 years ago. I wonder if they observe that in Hong Kong.

I only mentioned the AMCHAM guy because you know as well as I do that important GUANXI both foreign and Chinese goes a very long way when you get in trouble!

I don’t think AMCHAM really qualifies as guanxi in China, they are not a diplomatic entity that represents the US government. It sounds more official than it is – they are an American Conservative lobbying group. For maximum guanxi points you want to befriend local government or police, people within the entry/exit bureau, etc. A lot of those guys are very accessible, even if you teach English to their kids – as long as they know you and you know them. The best situation though, of course, is to not get yourself into situations where you need guanxi!