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Well actually there isn’t much of a story considering the whole thing didn’t go through and the organisation may of may not have been scamming money out of desperate chinese gals

The whole thing can be found in these two topics:

Wanted: Rental boyfriend for the spring festival

Different color Different price

So yeah all in all I got as far as being sold for 3300rmb for a girl who I had never met or seen. The company contacted me for some further information and I asked them some random questions and eventually they just didn’t reply anymore…

I can post or send you the e-mails if you’re thinking about writing something about it. Too bad the event didn’t actually take place, that would’ve been far more interesting 🙂


Nice numbers, I take it that they are what you maxed out during 5/3/1? Or are they 1RM’s? Or calculated 1RM’s using Wendlers formula? (probably not the last one since I think you’re stronger)

OHP is kind of low considering your other numbers though, no?