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Avatar photoRick in China

“partnership with a Chinese company”?

Your list seems a lil shady mate.


AFAIK foreign expert CERTIFICATE does not have an *age* restriction. You just need to prove you’re qualified to be an expert in some field. This can be via advanced degree, extensive experience, or even just really high pay by a company for doing something specific. When you say “Foreign expert visa”, do you mean the 2-year Visa? or do you mean the 1-year work visa/residency?

Anyways, if you’re mostly after solving your visa issues, I think going the route of paying some Chinese company to “partner” in is a pretty bad route to go, and you’ll probably end up on the hook for something you don’t want to be on the hook for – not only that, but it’d be questionable whether it’d even be able to help you with your Visa issues.