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Let me pass the mic to the Nasir Jones of this stream of consciousness Chinese street poetry shit… Fred Dintenfass, of the blog 10tonfunk:

Standing in the freezing courtyard of a Daoist temple

listening to Jay Z

mean muggin young peasant extras and feeling bad

drinking Italian coffee out of a tupperware cup covered in stickers

breath hanging in the air like the bags under actresses eyes

Can no longer tell what’s a set and what’s history

Dark sides of meat hanging off the ribs of a panel truck

A corner electronics store offering a shiny display of rice cookers

to a dead street and a bend in the highway

Jackie Chan ad smiling down upon the folly

One child slogans painted on brick walls and houses

mixed with ads for car repair, cell phone stores

Life with one baby is so much better

Those that can afford to have built their own houses

studded with bizarre tile patterns, motley assortments of columns and balconies

a decorator’s catalog thrown into the air

scraped off the floor and shuffled into a floor plan

ample meterage for an Evita-style serenade

The countryside still wriggling in Deng’s embrace

a short man with a long reach

More poems of his can be found here.