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I took my dog home once, quite a hassle. First go to a vet (bring your passport) and get your pet vaccinated and also they will insert a IDchip in your cat. After that process you should own a book containing your info and your cats info… Now comes the hard part, the airline… I brought my dog to Indonesia from Beijing, which has several airline options, the best one is to use the ones that has a direct flight to your destination because if you have to stop for a transit then your pet must be quarantined also in that transit country (for HK it was 2 weeks).. After you decided on an airline then buy a cage for the cat(s), measure the cage(s), and weigh them, that should determine the cost of the freight.. After you arrive in UK the airport will quarantine them.. In Indonesia there are some agents that can help your pets to get out of the quarantine quickly, but I don’t know if there’s one in UK.