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Avatar photoVincent

I find a lot of different information on using saran wrap to cover your tattoo after getting it done and while sleeping the first couple of days. Does anybody know what advice I should be following?

Some sites say when using plastic wrap, no air gets in and out. It will keep all of the body fluids pooling on the skin surface, and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria because of the body heat.(The Use of Plastic Wrap on Fresh Tattoos)

Others recommend using saran wrap because this way it doesn’t stick to anything while you sleep, and it will keep it moisturized.

So what’s the deal? I’ve used saran wrap the first 2 nights while sleeping. Other than that I’ve tried to wear a t-shirt as much as possible and wash/lotion my tattoo 3 times a day. It started to peel off the last 2 days and it looks healthy.

What about using airconditioning full time? It’s way too cold to turn it off, and I don’t want to wear 3 layers of clothing on top of the tattoo when I’m at home.