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Went to Jasmine today. Was lucky enough, made appointment the very same day.

What can I say. Apartment turned into studio. Cozy and at the same time professional environment.

Jasmine herselfdoes not speak English, but there are some friends of her, who speak fluently. Which makes overall process much easier and comfortable.

I have paid 2000RMB for 2 hours of work. She does have butterfly, as Brendan said, used for contouring and the second machine for shadings and fills-up.

Sketching as well as breaks were not charged. She turns on and off timer in accordance with the fact whether machine is running.

You can buy an after-care cream there as well.

Overall, great experience. She is really experienced one and offers her suggestions on design. Can`t judge shadings yet, have to wait for tattoo to cure. Slim lines are fine, and I would estimate the work as 8-9/10.


Studio works from 2 to 7 PM.

84439993 – phone number.