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Oh man, so many games – I found the best resource for teaching kids was the common sticky ball, a plastic ball with suction cups around it that stuck satisfyingly to the blackboard when hurled by a wiry 8-year old. This could be used in a variety of games: the ol write a bunch of verbs, put circles around them and get kids to hit one and make a sentence.. the ol make a grid, put question marks in each square, get a kid to hit one then reveal the magic number of points – or skull and crossbones indicating death…

With uni students I’ve found discussion games have been successful. Last week tried doing one similar to speed dating – two rows of chairs facing each other, on each chair a slip of paper with a different scenario featuring person A and person B (ie A: You’re 30 minutes late meeting up with a friend at Chunxi Lu. Make excuses. B: You’re angry that A is 30 minutes late. You don’t believe their excuses). The students in the person B line of chairs would move up a chair every two minutes. Was wildly successful and funny to boot. Students exhausted after speaking English 20 minutes straight. Yesssssssssss.