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Avatar photoCharlie
I nearly bought one of those Aeropress machines last year in Taiwan. I’d never heard of it before or since, so it’s good to hear some feedback on it.

The Aeropress brings a ridiculous value proposition – $25 for world class coffee. You could spend an entire weekend reading all of the Amazon reviews. If you aren’t trying to spend $400+ on coffee equipment, I would go straight to the Aeropress.

If you want a “real” espresso, you need an espresso machine which can create the 8-9 bar of pressure, but moka pots (aka stovetop espresso makers) get the job done too. This stuff can quickly get crazy expensive as Brendan says. But in my opinion this kind of equipment is like watches – you either buy something cheap that gets the job done, or you spend a ton on something that’s with you for decades.

Either way, I still enjoy the experience of going to Kaffe Stugan – they’re so friendly and knowledgeable – but otherwise I don’t feel the need to get coffee anywhere else!