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Avatar photoCharlie
In order to secure the freshness and a price as low as possible it will be a sort of subscription since we want to offer coffee beans as fresh as when we drip the coffee here at Kaffestugan.

That is a great idea, a subscription service makes sense for you and for customers. Some of my friends in the US use Tonx and love it.

I’ve no idea but as I’m in Starbucks right now I can ask if nobody else knows? 🙂

Did you end up asking? I have no idea how to say this either.

Awesome. I really enjoy the coffee at Kaffe Stugans. I’m paying too much to keep the office stocked with Starbucks beans.

That sounds expensive – is it worth it? I have Yunnan, Italian, and Papua New Guinea (courtesy of Kafe Stugan) beans at home. Feeling pretty luxurious having those options when I wake up! I only drank Yunnan beans for months aside from visiting Kafe Stugan on weekends.