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Ditto that Ray. There are sleeze balls (Shamrock night time for example), then there are Men. I known many players who been with more than 100 women. Yet the difference between frat boys and players are that they (players) do not see it as ‘game’ rather they are genuine.

What do i mean with genuine? Well, dating to find their ‘one’ is such a cumbersome act. Always trial and error. It can take many years and different venues (not bar scene, but others like and so on). The first thing they tell me is… Be truthful and respect women (dont put the punani on the pedestal). Thusly, do not try to make women jealous. Esp in the case with Lucy. That is just plain wrong and evil.

What is genuine? Here is an example, my former co-worker, a shaved clean tall Jamaican man (who 150% fits the bill of tall dark and handsome) always lets out his heart. When we first interacted, he asked me about my personal life (if i had a woman and i was totally creeped out by this…). Then he went to talk about how this one girl in HS broke his heart. He thought she was the one. He had a tear in his eye when he told me about her (not too indepth details). So i thought it is odd for him to tell a complete stranger (my very first day) about a chick that dumped him 17 years ago. But to be honest, he was not creepy at all, he was very truthful about what he said. Then he talked about how this chick he was dating now could be ‘it.’ 400+ he has been with, and only one he thinks about daily. And his words were always make a women feel like she is a queen and if you leave her, always be on good terms (booty call for future heh). Not sure if that story fits the bill here or makes sense 🙂

Damn.. I miss him, he always had great advice about the ladies… And about life in general… He also said ‘get out of your comfort zone and go talk to women’ since im a shy dude around women.. Not men..hmmm heh. Ok thats enough, cheer up Lucy 🙂