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Avatar photoAlexander Muir

Hey, so I’ve got some related questions. I spent last year teaching in Beijing, and I’m thinking about trying a different city. What I’m looking for:

1. Opportunities to speak Mandarin more (too easy to speak English all the time in Beijing.) I think I speak it pretty well, but if I can get closer to an immersive environment I think it would be really helpful.

2. Decent pay. I was at 5k last year in Beijing. I felt like it was more than enough to live, but I’ve got student loans to start thinking about!

3. Decent quality of life. It’d be great if any city in China could beat Beijing’s air. Also, having lots of things to do (dance, drink, hike, explore, etc) would be nice. Having a Bookworm in Chengdu is certainly a plus 🙂

4. Opportunities to grow beyond teaching English. In Beijing or Shanghai, if you stick around long enough, you’ll get the chance to become at least some sort of professional. If I really like my new city, it would be nice to know if there was some precedent for people staying.

How do you think 成都 rates by these measures? I’m also considering Suzhou, Kunming, Hong Kong, Beijing and Taibei. If you’ve been to those places, how do you think Chengdu compares?