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@Charlie : Of course you won’t have the same comfort as if you were playing with a pad but some games are totally playable (Mario Kart, Mario 64, Conquer Bad Fur Day…). And don’t forget GBA games (only two buttons and a D-Pad so perfectly playable).

When you’re playing these games you’re not looking for a great gaming experience, I just want to rediscover games I was playing when I was 10 y.o !! Otherwise I would play on my DS.

I don’t’ care who has more apps (I really only use Google Maps & Google Translate on a very regular basis) just want to have the freedom to custom my phone in the way I want.

I also look to a lot of anime/podcast in the subway so having a big screen is my top priority and I think 4,3” is the best compromise.

We all have different needs…