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Avatar photoBrendan
I understand both of your view points. However, we also have to accept we are not the ones who live in fear. We understand we can speak our minds and have opinions. Again, people have those too in China but are unwilling to air them in public.

Without getting into the finer points of whether or not posting opinion or view on a forum is going to be shortly followed by midnight abduction (which supposes the context of any opinion anyway), I’ll confess that I made my initial response to deliberately draw this kind of discussion in this thread.

The thread asks for opinion on the supposed future ‘clash’ between the U.S. & China, which is naturally and inevitably a political question that’s already been debated in both countries for decades.

Apart from it being natural to engage anyone posting in the thread by responding, I don’t see any coercion beyond asking for opinion. The ‘opinion’ given in return needn’t be damning or inflammatory by default, that remains the choice of any individual posting. Further, if we’re not engaging Chinese born citizens in the forum, we’re missing out on an opportunity to gain new perspectives, then debate them if we feel so inclined.

Geographical freedoms aside, perceived or otherwise, we should be encouraging debate wherever it is possible. To be flippant, dismissive, or state the obvious, is to be short of depth or substance. A perfect recipe for status quo (I’m trying not to be too subtle there). 😀