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But west and east are two different system, the way of thinking also two different system.

That is true, philosophically the West is based on the Socratic method and the East on Confucious. A lot of people see these two systems though: the democratic political system of the developed world, and the autocratic one-party systems of China, Iran and Russia. The realization is that our previous assumption that China would liberalize with its economic growth might be outright false. This changes a lot of things.

This communist party can be here have reason, not because it’s have good tools called propaganda , the people here can take this for such long time have some reasons! Like i said before, i believe Chinese people have play half of the role. That is make west way goes diffcullt here, it’s not simply called “guanxi” or “mianzi”, it’s very complex things!

Yeah, there are a lot of advantages to having government in control of everything. Fast physical growth, no red tape or opposition to government initiatives, etc.

What will happen in the future i don’t know, but as many chinese speak English, know outside of the world, not just adore somebody for he have blue eyes, then you will see different opinion coming out.

I agree, but I really wonder when that will happen. I think we’re many decades away.