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Avatar photoCharlie
I dream a Chinese Free Internet in the future… utopia?

That really seems like wishful thinking. 5+ years ago people were looking at China’s economic growth and many predicted that China would naturally liberalize. “Free market leads to freedom” was the argument that many made, but unfortunately it has not yet come to pass. The Olympics and 2008 in general was a pretty bold declaration of who China really is and what kind of growth is prioritized.

So these VPN providers oughtta be sending refunds to you guys. Right?

The cat and mouse game continues. Inept top-down controls versus free market service providers. I think they’ll get everything back online – they always do.

Oh my god, WTF!

An interesting link:

That is interesting. I learned about some of this when CL was briefly blocked a few years ago, but haven’t read much about the GFW since then.