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I hate sitting in an office at my computer with my coat on and my fingers frozen to the keyboard.

I was so cold that I thought death was arriving sooner than I anticipated

Ha Ha! This has been a constant battle in my office. First it took a month to get the heater fixed, which confused me given that everyone’s breath had been turning to ice whilst looking longingly to the broken heater. It actually took two attempts to fix the heater, whilst in the meantime the battle to have anyone actually shut the outside door to the office each time they passed through it raged on. I put large chinese signs on each side of the door, but these were apparently invisible. Add to this my attempt to make the office smoke free, which almost each day requires my having to race towards someone as they light up, then politely let them know they need to head out the door. Of course as they pass through the door, they neglect to close it. Meanwhile people in coats stare blankly into computer screens, or fiddle around with phones, not once thinking to close the door and keep themselves warm. The final twist in this sad tale is the guy who as far as I can work out, comes to the office each morning several minutes ahead of me solely for the purpose of smoking a cigarette in the office (quiet defiance perhaps), then leaving not just the door wide open, but also a window, ensuring that everyone arriving for work will have to endure being stuck in their coats until the tiny wall heater struggles toward warming the office space. This of course never happens, because the door has a closure rate of maybe 4/10. I did catch the guy smoking once, so immediately headed to the wipe board and drew a giant cigarette with a huge red X right through it for all to see. This red X was apparently invisible.