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Avatar photothevinster

I have some to add…these made me cringe when I first saw it in China, but now I’m numb to it:

-unashamed nose-picking and “one-nostril’snot-rockets” (you know what I’m talking about)

-dropping bones and food rubbish on the table or floor

-chewing with an open mouth (I like seafood…not see-food)

-men trying on/fitting shirts (and on some occasions pants) in the actual store and not in a changing room

These are silly:

-paying for plastic bags

-whiskey + fruit tea concoctions at clubs

-grocery store/restaurant workers using a microphone + speaker but proceed to yell when you are standing next to him/her

-the amount of things with animal ears on it

-lack of deodorant

And all of the above make me say “Oh my Lady Gaga”, but don’t get me wrong, I love China : )