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Okay, as done as this thread is, I want to just have my little vent after having spent the weekend in Hong Kong, and then having the pleasure of the taxi queue (ahem) on exiting the airport in Chengdu.

So not only does Hong Kong have litter bins across the city clearly separating paper, plastic, and waste, it also has double decker buses (Hello!!), toilets that don’t wreak of piss, an abundance of legit eateries, and wait for it… queues!!! Bowl me over with a big giant ball made of ‘no smoking’ stickers!!

I get out of the (smoke plumed) airport and fall in line (disaray) for the taxi behind some 200 odd people in front of me. This whole charade always hits home the ground Chengdu has yet to make, it’s just a painful reminder each time. People in uniforms are waving batons, but there might be more progress if they cracked each other on the head with them! Meanwhile I count some 40 odd queue jumpers that NO ONE says a word to. I decided to let it slide tonight for the spectacle, but the notion that no one gives a shit really bothers me. If you’re a nice guy, keeping your calm, you can expect several pairs of feet to walk right the way past you, or even over you, dependent on the situation.

Back to it I guess.