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Cool story.

I arrived from Hong Kong Sunday night.

There were two flights to Chengdu one with significant delay which I was booked on (Hong Kong Airlines) and one which was cancelled (Air China). It was all due to bad weather conditions in Hong Kong.

So at 11.30pm the guys from the Air China flight prepared to spend the night at the airport find out that the Hong Kong Airlines flight is flying to Chengdu that night and get really upset. They start to suspect some kind of conspiracy favouring the Hong Kong over the Mainland airline or whatever. So they are really upset. Some of them start yelling at the HK Airlines staff standing at the counter of our gate .

Then some people from my flight start laughing and gloating, five minutes later at least 30 people from both groups are engaged in a serious fist fighting (some put off their shirts) hair pulling (the females) screaming session. At Hong Kong Airport mind you. It was a very sad to watch. And it delayed my flight another two hours.

So then finally arriving at 3.45am in Chengdu (instead of 11.30pm) I find myself assaulted by taxi drivers trying to get me into town for 150 Kwai + to which I point on their meter which most of them refuse.

I end up simply sitting in one of the taxis with my luggage on the backseat and yell at the guy to start driving and dont start yelling until he turns the damn meter on. He is super pissed at me of course and drives me home at an average 40kmh on the airport expressway.

All was not well with my general impression of Sichuan that day.