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Avatar photoRick in China



– couple sit on the same side of the table instead of sitting across from each other to talk

Explanation: Hand-job friendly seating arrangement.

– longjohns are popular

Explanation: Popular in Canada too.

– people give each other apples on christmas eve

Explanation: They can’t afford dentists, and consider this a way to give the gift of healthy gums.

– all the dudes hold the purses

Explanation: They’re not holding someone else’s purse. Have you seen most of the local dudes? Those purses belong to them son!

– that spitting…

Explanation: There’s little option when you’ve still got little bits of bone shard rammed between your teeth due to the chopping method of almost every type of animal, ever eaten ‘sliced chicken’ and NOT had little bits of bone shard ram between your teeth? You’ve got to eat like a paranoid schitzo to avoid it.

– people freaking out at you when you clean up your own mess at mcdonalds

Explanation: They were hoping to collect up the paper/wrappings for recycling refund.

– gyms open at 10am (so late…)

Explanation: Only people with money work out. People with money rarely get up before 9.

– elevators have different functions at different times of the day

Explanation: This is the only way to stagger the influx/outflux of people during rush-hour. We live in a populous nation!

– Starbucks has practically no syrup (i want my fancy drinks!!!)

Explanation: They have syrup, you’re just not white enough to be granted the oh-so-coveted foreign coffee syrup access, it IS imported you know.

– the coffee line is during lunch, not the morning

Explanation: Most employees don’t have time to take showers in the morning, you think they have time to wait for coffee?