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It’s homemade paocai.

Here is my recipe.


rice wine 50g , one big jar

Wash the jar by hot water, then use rice wine wash inside of jar for a while, put jar upside down let it dry.


花椒one tablespoons Sichuan peppercorns,八角2 Star anise,桂皮one piece of Chinese cinnamon,香叶几片several pieces of bay leafs,冰糖one tablespoons size of rock candy,老姜几片several pieces of ginger ,干辣椒5 dry red peppers粗盐salt 50g.

Put all the stuff into clean pot add water(the water almost can half fill the jar) boiled for 3 minutes then put aside wait until it cool down as room temperature then put it into jar.


One fresh carrots(水萝卜),two fresh cucumbers(小黄瓜), several pieces Chinese cabbages(卷心菜),one Chinese lettuce roots(莴笋),several little fresh red chili, or any root vegetables you like.

Wash all the vegetables and cut it into small pieces put aside for one day until moisture was evaporated.


Put all the vegetables into jar. all the vegetables need under the warter! Wait for two days then its ok.