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No way in hell I’m ever buying burger meat from any vendor or supermarket here, it’s bad enough in the U.K. and U.S. etc. Fast food chains have been revealed on numerous occasions over the years to be using ‘pet food’ grade (or lower) meats that have essentially expired and been ammonia treated (or worse) to remove blemishes and odour before processing. This has also been common practice amongst chicken producers and distributors looking to improve the appearance of ‘fresh’ chicken breast sold in supermarkets.

As SS mentions, most of the small food markets that sell meat will chop up exactly what you want, either in a grinder or by hand. I would personally have it done by hand just because the grinder always has previously ground meat in it, and there’s no identifying how long it’s been there, or how well kept the machine is.

If I’ve made burgers in the past I’ve used decent cuts of beef, mixed up in much the same way as GAVVIE describes. I take the chopped beef and mix it in a bowl with some ‘fast’ oats (or lightly pre-soaked steel cut, etc.), an egg or two, some crushed garlic, a few choice spices, then flash the patties in some oil and a little salt before dropping them in the oven at 220C for 8 minutes +/-. Yummers.