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Recommended few lines Tours,

@ Chengdu – Jiuzhaigou Valley- Huanglong – Chengdu

@ Chengdu – Hailuogou – Kangding – Xinduqiao – Tagong – Bamei – Danba – Kangding – Chengdu

@ Chengdu – Jiuzhaigou – Huanglong – Zoige – Langmusi – Hongyan – Marekang – Siguniangshan – Danba – Chengdu

@ Chengdu – Xinduqiao – Daocheng – Xianggelila/ Yadin – Daocheng – Xinduqiao – Kangding / Luding – Hailuogou – Chengdu

Jiuzhaigou altitude of 2 km or more, over the primeval forest, ditch the distribution of one hundred and eight lakes, nine Tibetan villages, Jiuzhaigou is said to be “fairy-tale world “.

Huanglong have four things in abundance, the beauty color pool, snow-capped mountains, valleys, forests, known to the world

Hong Yuan is located in the “roof of the world, ” the eastern edge of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, is the only Tibetan inhabited Aba based purely pastoral counties. The territory of the vast grasslands, lush plants, minerals, forests very rich.

Zoige county, holy snow, is a magical land, pristine nation, this is beautiful picture

Daocheng, Aden area, a beautiful valley, grasslands, mountains, deep valleys, waterfalls. Particularly well-known is well-known Tibetan Youth Day Song Gongbu Gongga Xuefeng and its mysterious legend.

the Shell Valley, Er Lang Mountian, Luding Bridge, Shell Valley

sightseeing and get to Shell Valley near KangDing county

hot spring, virgin forest, glacier, GongGa Mountain (altitude 7556, highest in Sichuan)

Shell Valley is said to be the most beautiful glacier in China

visit MuGeCuo Lake (cuo means lake in Tibetan)

have lakes, horse riding, grassland, hot spring, jokul

enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way and get to BaMei town (literally means eight beauty)

this part of route is describe as the photographer’s heaven, sceneries include Zheduo Mountain (altitude 4298m), XinDuQiao County , TaGong Temple

BaMei neighboring places

visit grass land and Tibet castle

get to DanBa County and visit the neighboring area,JiaJu Tibet village, MeiRen Valley (Beauty Valley), Tibet Castle.

DanBa area is said to be the most beautiful countryside in China rather than WuYuan in Jiangxi Province

get to RiLong Town and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way

see Si Gu Niang Mountain and visit Chang Ping Valley