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Past is past, i feel ok now , Let us be new kind of Chinese:)

I don’t know what is the new kind of Chinese which you meant? I think you and me just try to be ourselves, okay? I personally don’t care what you meant like we are judged by western society, if they judge you, it just means nothing but they are damn hypocrites. people are people, people are highly influenced by their growing environments and generics, which what we can not change at all. so we are different, for instance, you experienced what Gorge Washington experienced, you got his same gene, you will be like him too. why should I wirship him as a person? I just need to wonder what makes him so good. you got what the so called serial killers got, you might be more antisocial than they do. Why should I blame these people, the only thing i might blame and try to find out is the reason that makes them so antisocial.

You know what? I am jobless lmao. I came to this site the other day by accident. I really wonder what these foreigners and these locals who are with them are doing. so I lurk on here. Lfmao. And I find out most of these foreigners are nothing differently from an average Chinese person primarily. I would rather do some surveys, find out some facts, and think independently than care how westerners judge us.

Plus, your personal characters and English are totally great as a Chinese girl. And what you think is just your opinion, you absolutely have the rights keep it. Don’t allow other people get you sad.

I wish I can help thanks:P.

This is a ridiculous generalization. Who are the “best Chinese girls”? Why do they only like Chinese men? What is Chinese? (nationality? ethnicity? sense of self identity?)

Lmao, thanks for your note about the quote things. I HAVE NEVER TOLD YOU “best girls” ONLY like Chinese men, I mean they like Chinese men and will never hook up with a white person ON PURPOSE(read my next post after the first one). If a Chinese girl refuses a Chinese guy just because he is Chinese, then she is cheap. Oh wait, what? are you a Chinese man and you like your girlfriend to doing that to you? LOL