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Avatar photoShiya Lou

to linka999

you know this is paradise for foreigner man.If you meet a girl who don’t care about that three things, i told you she is a freak, or she is stupid, or she is just a man!!!!

Wow, unbelievable. Have some self-respect , Linka.

I totally agree that this post is a joke. First of all, could anyone define attractive here please? Personally speaking, a good-looking bird who would sleep around (doesn’t matter with Chinese or foreigners) is not attractive at all.

In fact, a lot of my Chinese girl mates fancy cute and nice guys, no matter he is white, Asian or black and they would despise anyone who treat them like a ho. So to anyone who thinks he stands a great chance to shag a Chinese girl just because of his non-Chinese passport, GO FUCK YOURSELF.

So I guess the proposition is self-answered. You can never find anyone attractive if you can pull them easily.

I am Chinese and I find some posts here very offensive. There are ppl with low self-esteem, regardless of their race.