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My story is a sad and harrowing one.

    I am kinda sorry that my thread reminds you of the sad memory, which is definitely not the reason why I started it.

But that is another tale and I may continue it another time. When I get my breath back and my head stops spinning so

    I have been told that every heart has an unknown corner, has unforgettable scars that we do not want to be uncovered by others.

    But I also have been told that the people who have the courage to face and share their dusty past are the true human fighters that deserve everyone to respect and learn from.

    I’ve got one sentence as the appreciation for the sharing of your story. “The people who take the forthrights are lucky, because he finds the shortcuts. The people who take the meanders are also lucky, because they can experience more of sceneries. It is one kind of attitude of luck real Christians have, that every step we’ve taken and every view we’ve experienced are what God knows, are what God cares, so I am lucky to have them all.”

    I have been always believing that everyone, including you and me, has their own story, but God bless us all, so we can move on towards the future without any unnecessary fear and concern!