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Avatar photoRick in China

Tahoe? Hell no, but Xiling is still a fun trip. I haven’t gone up in a few years, I think it was 2009 they shut down and revamped it (or maybe 2010?) with sponsorship from a French equipment retailer? or something, heard they have lots of good gear for rent but the prices are way more touristy, ie. much higher, than they used to be. I’d be down for a few trips up there this winter.

The hotsprings down below are great, but one thing to keep in mind: if you’re going on a multi-day trip, staying up there means you don’t have to re-buy the gondola tickets repeatedly. I guess it depends on how long you’re planning on going, but a good weekend may be: leave friday late afternoon, get to hotsprings at one of the villages near base of xiling – spend the night with beer bbq and hotsprings..wake up early, go up gondola for full day of skiing/boarding, spend a night on top of mountain where (at least a couple yrs ago) they have evening parties outside with big roast/racks of goat and shows outside at some of the hotels, another early morning wake up for full day of skiing/boarding, head back sunday evening.