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Avatar photoRick in China

I checked out and now recently joined RenHe’s Ozone, at Tianfu Square’s Ren He, which is an awesome gym.

It has a lot of equipment, a relatively low population (generally these days at 5-7pm it’s about equal numbers of staff to regulars, maybe 8 or so of each milling around) The classes, especially evenings, often fill up with women but they don’t use the equipment as frequently.

The main thing that drew me in: it’s absolutely clean. There’s little bags of potpourri in each of the lockers, there’s a full time cleaning staff that keep everything smelling and looking pristine, the showers never lack soap or shampoo – they keep various other ‘products’ available at the sinks should you not mind public use of whatever product you use, and the people are pretty nice.

I think 1 year is about 3000something? But I paid for a 3 year membership, and it was around 6200 I think after a few minutes negotiation. I guess the main reason I joined is it’s exactly next to my office, but having been to a few gyms in Chengdu, it’s definitely one of the nicer ones.