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I’d be interested in an answer to that too ->  A school where classes are optional, or nobody is bothered whether you attend or not.

Alternatively, I might be swayed to do a legitimate course, and attend it, if the attendance hours were low, if it was interesting, and it left me with plenty of free time.  So I’d like to discuss study options in Chengdu, and gain people’s insight, and experience of study here.

Somebody said if I taught English to get a visa, that might take up 10-15 hours a week.  If I have to sacrifice my time to get a visa, I’d much rather spend the time doing something interesting.  Is anyone doing any courses they’d recommend?, or know any good options like this?

(Ideally, Summer Programmes, or something I could do remotely in the Winter – because during a Chinese winter I might be inclined to fly to Thailand or Australia).

I suppose another option is that I do another Masters Degree – something project-based and self-directed that gives me free rein to develop something for my own interest.  I’m not sure I have the dedication now that I had when I was younger.  But does anyone have any leads I can follow to investigate that option?

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Finally, non-education related visa option.  I’ve heard a few mentions of the permanent residency Visa.  Or a non-emplotyment based residence certificate.  This has a minimum validity of 180 days.  6 months is a PERFECT duration – if I spend the winter in warmer climates.  But how do I get one of these to live in China during the Summer?  What constitutes a valid reason to be issued this – if I’m not working in China?