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The prices for shipping varies items to items if doing it through Amazon. Doing it from a proxy/warehouse, it tends to be cheaper because of lumping it all together. Also Taobao may not have certain items and if they do, they are jacked up (1.5-2x times the prices listed in the US).

As for the Reece’s, i tend to buy it by the pound, not ounces…. Rather taste it and not lick my forearm with the cologne…. Last year i spent 200 USD for Reece’s, 100 for shipping and 100 for 2 boxes of king size cups… I tend to go all out when i buy these types of things…


I will give this a shot and calculate my costs, from the proxy vs Amazon prices vs taobao if avail. From many locals, the proxy seems to be good, because they can buy ‘Lee or Levi’ jeans for low prices.. Vs buying it on taobao for 400RMB to 1k….