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Avatar photoRick in China


Here’s the outer shell of a ‘fake’ vs the real thing. Clear differences are mostly logos, which China has no problem printing and selling with the fake logo up in there. There are TONS of fake everything available here….some higher end fakes are quite expensive – for example, can get a really high quality fake hermes bag for 3000+ RMB, upon inspection, it’s extremely accurate and high quality…leather really nice, etc – could absolutely not tell the difference. With bags and shit that’s fine I guess, but – with phones? Sure it’ll run the same OS/software, but the internals will be ultra cheap shit low quality, and usually the externals will be of lower quality mold/glass/etc as well. Cautious of fakes, when the price seems way lower than what it should be or is online, chances are it’s not *legit* 😀