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Avatar photoRick in China

@Melina RE: “must be more mechanical-minded”

Maybe – I always did love buying things and building things, running off to radio shack with a few bucks while my mom did her shopping etc.

My brothers built me a motorbike out of scrapyard parts when I was 12 – maybe Canadian education is different – from about 12/13 years old we have to choose some electives which usually include woodworking, shop(metal), mechanics, engineering(includes electrical/structural), etc.. and given some scrap, most of the crap in the list could be built better by a group of high-school students imo 😀 I give a lot of that an F!

It’s still fun, though..and what’s more interesting to me is not so much what they’ve built, just that the (mostly farmers) are doing what they really *want* to do, and could have potentially been WAY better than they are had they been given the opportunities when growing up. I think the focus should be on “Look, education system, maybe the list would be of ground-breaking products rather than shit if you actually educate the masses.” 😀